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Medical Supplies
St. Paul’s keeps a collection of home medical care items, such as walkers, wheelchairs, shower chairs, crutches, commodes, etc., for loan.  These items are available to members of the congregation as well as community members - all available for free. First come, first serve for all items.

Supplies that we usually have in our storage...

  •  toilet seats

  •  toilet elevators

  •  shower seats

  •  wheelchairs 

  •  walkers

  •  walking canes

  •  crutches

We also have a limited supply of...

  •  wrist support

  •  foot/ankle boots

  •  belt lift

  •  ace bandages 

  •  wedges

  •  knee brace

  •  compression socks

How to get involved with this ministry: Spread the word about this service. Consider donating your extra medical equipment that may be taking up space or collecting dust. Contact the church office (913-682-1033) for more information.

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