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Letter from the Pastor

Thank you for your interest in St. Paul's.  We are excited about all that is happening here.  On this website you can read about some of our ministries and how we connect as a community.  We'd love to have you join us and be a part of our church family and our worship, as we fellowship and work together.

ENDURING WORSHIP - We are a liturgical church in the Anglican Tradition, which means everyone participates fully in worship.  We read from the Bible.  We sing from the Church's hymnals.  We pray from the Book of Common Prayer.  There are opportunities for worship each Sunday as well as special Holy Days.  See our Schedule of Services on the website for service times. 

GRACIOUS WELCOME - Almost everything we do allows for fellowship and sharing times together, in work and in play, and most often around food!  There is fellowship time after each Sunday service, and on First Wednesdays, we gather around a meal.  Sometimes, it's potluck, other times just desserts or snacks; sometimes it involves a parish meeting and sometimes it's just to enjoy each other's company.  Working in the various ministries of St. Paul's and in our recreation time, regardless of why we gather, we enjoy being together.  We'd love to have you join us too!

GENEROUS COMMUNITY - A large part of our "being church" is reaching out to others in ministry.  St Paul's is active in many of Leavenworth's outreach programs as well as regional, national, and international work.

If you like what you see we hope you'll come to St. Paul's and experience our lively and warm church family.  Know that we bridge our past with the present and future - and we offer so much more!  As we like to say, "Come for the History; Stay for our Lively Community of Faith!"

In Christ's love,

Jere Hinson+

Priest in Charge

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